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Netfosys Delivering State-of-the-art Manage SD-WAN Services

Netfosys delivers state-of-the-art Managed SD-WAN Services that help businesses reduce MPLS costs and improve network performance. Our services include professional implementation, monitoring, and 24/7 support. One of the key benefits of our Managed SD-WAN Services is that it allows businesses to reduce their reliance on expensive MPLS circuits and use a combination of broadband and cellular connections. This can significantly reduce the costs associated with wide-area network (WAN) connectivity.

Our Managed SD-WAN Services also provide businesses with application-aware routing. This means that the network is able to automatically route traffic based on the specific needs of each application. This improves the performance of critical applications and ensures that they are always available to users.

Additionally, our Managed SD-WAN Services eliminate the complexity of wide-area network management. Our team of experts will handle the day-to-day management and maintenance of your network, which allows you to focus on your core operations. This eliminates the need for in-house IT staff to manage the network, which can be a significant cost savings.

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Performance based routing

First packet path selection for better performance

Central management

Orchestrator in control for both network and application policies

Simply Wan Management

Get complete visibility and control across disparate networks and multiple locations with a centralised management portal.

Simply Wan Management

Get complete visibility and control across disparate networks and multiple locations with a centralised management portal.

Managed Secure SD-WAN Bundles

Get complete visibility and control across disparate networks and multiple locations with a centralised management portal.

Managed Secure SD-WAN Bundles

Get complete visibility and control across disparate networks and multiple locations with a centralised management portal.

Central management

Orchestrator in control for both network and application policies

Application visibility

Application throughput, usage, latency, jitter, packet loss stats across all networks, devices and users

What is SD-WAN?

Based on the principles of Software defined networking (SDN), SD-WAN allows Network administrators to programmatically initialise, control, change, and manage Network behaviour dynamically. It’s essentially decoupling the infrastructure from the service using software-definition and network functions virtualisation (NFV).

However you wish to connect your services, SD-WAN provides the flexibility to utilise multiple access technologies, which enables the agility and resilience required in today’s ever-changing world.

Our Managed SD-WAN solution

Exponential-e's fully managed SD-WAN architecture is a hybrid, low-latency private WAN / Internet service with any-to-any connectivity to a number of services - be it Cloud, branch sites, SaaS or more.

Our SDN solutions integrate seamlessly with our homogenous layer 2 VPLS Network architecture to apply fast and secure network management all the way from a user's device right across the Network to your data centre and Cloud infrastructure

Benefits of SD-WAN

It enables businesses to improve the performance of their wide-area networks (WANs) by using software to control the routing of traffic. SD-WAN allows businesses to use multiple types of connections, such as broadband and cellular. This improves the performance of critical applications and ensures that they are always available to users.
  • Zero touch provisioning: A plug and play deployment model to be deployed at a branch office & Datacenter in minutes.
  • Network agility: Because SD-WAN is cloud-delivered and software-based, it allows for quick adaptation to changing needs, including adding access to cloud-based services, standing up new branches or remote offices, and dynamic steering of all traffic for optimized application and data delivery.
  • Ease of deployment: SD-WAN allows for various deployment options for the edge device, including: dedicated hardware, a virtualized appliance, or a hybrid solution (cloud/software and hardware). In each instance, the components connect to a central orchestrator when brought online, and configurations are pushed from the central orchestrator to the edge device. There is no need for a specialized technician to facilitate installation, which saves time and money.
  • Central management and control: A centrally located orchestrator monitors all network activity, alerts when there are problems, and enables the remote remediation of issues. The orchestrator enables the automatic push of updated configurations and application specific policies to each network node, quickly and efficiently. In addition, it delivers real-time analytics and reporting that can be used for performance monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Network complexity: Diverse WAN connectivity is causing complex legacy environments delivered via a multiple providers, which is having a detrimental impact on performance and cost.

Managed SD-WAN Services from Netfosys

Provide globally standardized, fully managed SD-WAN solutions to your site and leverage the SD-WAN cloud and platform to optimize network performance while migrating your WAN to highly available and reliable network architecture.

Transform your current network into an application-aware, intelligent network. Prioritize application routing and deliver the performance you expect with granular application policy management. We also provide lifecycle management to tune overlay policies as your network and applications evolve. In addition, CIOs and their IT staff can analyze and mitigate problems at the site, application, or individual IP addresses more quickly than ever before, significantly improving the end-user experience.

Cloud-Ready Network Architecture

We will design a solution that’s ready for connecting hybrid cloud environments with maximum performance and security. We give you the power of choice with direct access to 280+ data centres and major cloud service providers interconnected on our global network fabric.

An End-To-End Cloud Journey

We support your cloud journey from single to multi-cloud networking, connecting your clouds and physical locations with ease. In addition, you get to enjoy the best-in-class on-ramp to the cloud and last-mile connectivity options as a complete solution.

No Hardware Cost

Fully-managed solution deployed on our cloud gayrways architechture, which means you don’t need to rely on any physical infrastructure. You get to free up your resources and focus on your business priorities.

Leverage our unique global Tier1 backbone network capabilities to provide the most efficient route for your network traffic to and from your region. Transports-independent and utilizes the public Internet and private network connectivity to converge into a seamless hybrid network architecture optimized for enterprise application performance.

Clients can prefer cloud-based Network such as safe web gateways, SSL VPN,  and straight cloud connections. And application acceleration gateways, and launch real-time configuration and change management self-service within minutes via a secure client portal to make their business more agile and meet user needs.

Managed Secure SD-WAN Bundles

Exponential-e's Managed Secure SD-WAN combines the latest SD-WAN technologies to improve network performance, application visibility and control with the most advanced Cyber Security protection for your business.

Our SD-WAN has complete visibility, secure routing, advanced analytics, and 24/7 monitoring built-in. In addition to this, our solutions are tailored to match your precise business security requirements including Encrypted WAN, full Application Visibility and Control, Global Security Protection, Cyber Security Operation Centre (CSOC) service and a full SIEM service






CloudyWAN Managed Orchestrator


Dynamic Multipath Optimization (QoS)

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Routing support (BGP, OSPF, Static) y n


Integration with Cloud Security (SASE)*      
Zero Touch Provisioning      
Multi-cloud connectivity
(Azure, AWS, GCP)

Application Identification


Gateways as cloud VPN hub

Direct Edge to Internet/cloud
security service (BGP over IPsec*)

PCI certified service


24/7 site Monitoring


Ongoing optimization services


24x7 Support (On-call, Email & portal)


Edge Hardware (CloudyWAN ICE)


Edge Network Intelligence



Accelerate your WAN transformation with Cloud4C

With Cloud4C’s managed SD-WAN services, reap the technical, operational, and commercial benefits of transforming your network infrastructure to programmable networking backed by cloud orchestration. It not only provides software overlay for your existing network but also meets your WAN expansion plans with zero-touch provisioning, allowing you to roll out new sites in days rather than months.

A Zero Compromise attitude to protect your SD-WAN

The transformation from WAN to SD-WAN also demands an overhaul of your network security policy to strengthen your security posture. At Cloud4C, we take a Zero Compromise attitude to protect your SD-WAN from any threat and vulnerability by converging your SD-WAN with the best SASE (Security Access Service Edge) capability.

Reduce IT Cost and complexity

Easy to deploy and manage as an automated, scalable cloud-delivered service

Delivers a great user experience

Bring security and policy close to user to eliminate unnecessary backhaul

Reduce Risk

Inline inspection of encrypted traffic at scale for threat protection and data loss prevention

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