Universal CPE

Netology Smart Edge is an industry-leading solution in the APAC & GCC region that allows businesses to replace their physical router and firewall hardware with sophisticated software-based network applications.

Traditional architecture complicate your network.

Netology Smart Edge is a flexible and scalable platform. Businesses no longer need stacks of proprietary equipment and specialized IT skillsets. Netology can configure multiple virtual network functions (VNFs), like SD-WAN, router or firewall, on a single Netology device at each of their sites. It simplifies network infrastructure and means less in capital investments


Future-proofing the Network with Netology Smart Edge

Take advantage of effortless upgrades and on-demand services while future-proofing your network. With Netology Smart Edge you can replaces traditional on-premises equipment with a more flexible technology.

Our consultative approach

uCPE simplify with one device to host all your network functions on-demand.

Hybrid Workplace
Hybrid Workplace
Hybrid Workplace
Hybrid Workplace

How can helpbusinesses in SD-WAN Deployment

Increase business agility with Network Function Virtualization (VNF)

In traditional networks, specific functions require specialized hardware, typically proprietary, usually from different vendors. Routers, firewalls, WAN accelerators, SD-WAN, Loadbalancer each demand unique and costly skill sets to configure and manage. When changes are required, they need to be made manually, box-by-box, often across geographies, which is time consuming and prone to human error.


Smart Edge vs Traditional Hardware

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